Son Lights By Dan 1/22/16 – Joseph Part 2


egyptian-311457__180The new king of Egypt didn’t know who Joseph was! I still find that hard to comprehend. And since the new king didn’t recognize God’s hand in Egypt’s history he devised a brutal plan.

In Exodus 1:9-22 the Bible details the king’s hideous plan to kill the newborn children of the Israelites. The idea of murdering babies is not new. King Herod used that plan to eliminate competition for his throne when Jesus was born. Numerous tyrants through time have done the same for a variety of insane reasons.

But standing in the way of Pharoah’s plan were two midwives, Shiphrah and Puah. They refused to obey the king’s orders….they would not kill the Israelite babies. Praise God for their courage.

They even faced the king, never blinking when he aimed his ire at them. And because they stood up for Life, God “dealt well with the midwives” and “because the midwives feared God, he gave them families”.

Roe v Wade may be the law of the land in America, but it is NOT the law of God’s Kingdom. What God is looking for are more servants with the heart of Shiphrah and Puah. God is calling for those who will look evil in the eye, refuse to blink and uncompromisingly love women, men and babies in a crisis pregnancy situation.

Are you willing to stand against the evil of abortion?