Stopping Mass Murder in America


By: Pastor Paul Holt with The Bible Factor

Stories of mass shootings in America are becoming all too common and while the massacre in San Bernardino, California is still unfolding we do know that at least 14 people have been killed and many have been wounded.

We have yet to know whether the reasons for this particular shooting are due to mental illness or religious fervor, the question is, “how can we stop or reduce the number of mass shootings in America?”

At odds are two worldviews, one that holds that we must reduce and regulate firearms in America, while the other holds that we must reduce regulations on firearms and encourage others to be trained in their use and possession.
However, the biblical worldview would argue that the problem is not too many guns or too few guns but the human condition.

The Bible is clear that human beings are born in sin and that without the Lord we are desperately wicked and selfish, this of course leads to selfish and sometimes violent actions.

So what is the solution? How can we stop mass murders in America? Some suggest that we need to pass more legislation while others would suggest that we just need to be tougher on criminals. There is certainly room for both of these actions but really there will only be a limited effect.

Even the founders of the United States of America understood that our Constitution was only suitable for a Christian nation that willingly submitted itself to the Lord and his commandments and Spirit.

It is plainly evident that as we move away from the love of God and fail to walk in his ways that our country will continue to spiral away from peace and prosperity. Violence in all of its forms will become commonplace, false religions like humanism and Islam will continue to fill the void left by the shell of Christianity we currently have in America.

This is why when we see reports of mass shootings the culprits fall into one of two categories either a mentally ill humanist that sees little value in human life or a fundamentalist Muslim who also sees little value in human life.
That is why the only solution is Jesus Christ.