Christians Aren’t Voting and Are Allowing a Godless Society

By: Pastor Paul Hot Pastor Rafael Cruz, father of presidential hopeful and senator Ted Cruz, says it is time for Christian Americans to take action and stop allowing the liberal and godless of the United States to have their way in government. He pointed out that upwards of 60% of Christians fail to vote in […]

The Death of Children and the Plans of Satan

By: Pastor Paul Holt The bible tells us that Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy and one thing he goes after more than any other is a child. We find this in the story of Moses as the devil is unsure of where the deliverer will be born and a great number of the […]

Drunken Mother Crashes SUV Causing Ejection of 18 month Old and Leaves Baby Behind

By Pastor Paul Holt: The story of a drunken mother driving on I-40, losing control of her SUV, hitting the cement barrier and causing the ejection of her 18 month old daughter should shock us but even more shocking is knowing this mom left her baby behind on the highway to flee the scene. We […]

Untruth, Injustice and the Un-American Way

By Pastor Paul Holt: We live in a fallen world, a world filled with injustice and cruelty, where the dream of the United States of America has all but faded. I grew up in a broken family whose story is all too familiar in today’s America. Divorce or never marring at all is commonplace and […]

Apple’s Fight For the Right to Secure Your iPhone Against the Government’s Need for Security

By Pastor Paul Holt: There is a constant battle, a tug-of-war if you will between the right of Americans to live free and to live secure. We would hope we could have both but the tension will not allow it to be so. Right now the government wants to know more about the San Bernardino […]

The Pope is Wrong to Claim Borders and Walls are Not Christian

By Pastor Paul Holt: On Thursday, as Pope Francis left on the private Vatican jet following a visit and speech made in Mexico near the American border, he was asked about the wall that presidential hopeful Donald Trump proposed building to stop illegal border crossings. The pope’s reply set off a showdown between the two […]

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