The Believer and the Government – The Bible Factor


It is often argued, usually by the godless, that religion plays no part in politics or in governance; however, nothing could be further from the truth as our worldview determines our politics.

The evangelist Franklin Graham announced last week that he was leaving the Republican Party because there is really no difference between the leadership of the Republicans and the leadership of the Democrats when you see Planned Parenthood being fully funded and the president and his party getting everything they wanted for Christmas and so much more.

The form of government we have in the United States is based mostly on the Old Testament model with lessons learned from other governments in history.

So, what is the responsibility of a believer in Jesus Christ to his or her country and government?

Some believers hold the view that if enough Christians take over world governments it would hasten the return of Jesus Christ. I don’t believe the Bible teaches such a thing but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to have more Bible believing Christians in government.

Other believers think that Christians should only submit to the government and not be a part of it based on Paul’s injunction found in Romans but here we are dealing with a totalitarian government with Israel in the diaspora, a discussion that time does not permit and would probably make your eyes glaze over anyway.

What Christian believers should understand is that the United States of America was founded with the intent of being governed by Christian leaders for Christian people. Many of the founders were clear that our form of government and its Constitution were only suitable to those governed by King Jesus.

Franklin Graham is attempting something that is admirable, his plan is to spotlight leaders around the country running for office who hold to a biblical worldview. The success of this initiative is dependent on Christians being willing to stand up not only to the godless but to the devil himself.

There is a hunger for change in America and for principled leadership with a spine of steel, that is why Donald Trump is doing so well in the polls. Beyond his shocking statements he is filling a strong desire in people to stand up to the many stupid things our politicians are doing.

Even when he is wrong he wins because at least he proposes changing what we all know to be wrong in America.

I believe that many in America would respond to biblical values if they were presented with boldness and strength of character.

The people are tired of being led down the road of destruction kicking and screaming by gutless leaders who will not listen to what is right, we are tired of career politicians wearing the mask of Christianity and conservatism.

The Bible plainly teaches that we are to raise up leaders from among ourselves to live a life of biblical integrity from the lowliest position to the highest, we have not been doing this in the United States for many years and we are reaping the consequences. Now is the time to make a choice even if it is ultimately too little too late, we must choose better leadership to have any hope of one nation under God.