The Fiction of the American Economy


By: Pastor Paul Holt

In his state of the union speech, President Obama made a breathtaking statement that has many wondering if he has returned to his drug using days, assuming he ever left them.

The president stated that, “Anyone claiming that America’s economy is in decline is pedaling fiction”

Now, I know Mr. Obama and most liberals play fast and loose with the facts and that results would never be allowed to spoil progressive ideology but wow, now we’re just sailing the good ship Lollypop to see Puff the magic dragon.

While the economy is no longer in the death spiral of the Great Recession that began in 2007, we are hardly the economic powerhouse of yesteryear. That the president can make such a statement with a straight face as the American stock market lost a 1,000 points last week and 2% of it’s value on Wednesday with the worst beginning of the year in the last 80, is simply astounding.

Oil prices are hitting their lowest price since 2004 which would normally be good for the economy except there is little use for it when more businesses than ever are shutting their doors.

President Obama is delusional if he believes his own propaganda when touting a good economy as more than 35% of the eligible working force has stopped looking for a job and is happy to aim low by taking government money and stay home.

The house of cards the Commander in Chief is wanting us to believe is a healthy economy is close to being blown away and I don’t say this just to be pessimistic or contrarian either. The wheels will soon be coming off the bus if America is unwilling to make true change to its ways.

The financial future of the United States is dependent on the choices we make to accept the ways of God or reject them. While I feel our glory days are behind us for the most part because we have failed to heed the warning the Lord has given us, it is never too late to stop the decline and heal our land.

The Lord, even now, is not willing for any to perish but for each of us to return to Him. The president of the United States would be better served to call on America and her people to see the truth of our situation and repent of our wicked ways and appeal to God for grace and mercy. But somehow I don’t see that happening anytime soon.