VICKI & DALTON JANTZEN Authors of Equipped To Win: Seven Strategies For Defeating The Hated Seven


LISTEN HERE: The HUB of New Mexico Christian Internet Radio Station had Dalton & Vicki Jantzen on with us to give us details about their amazing book Equipped To Win: Seven Strategies For Defeating The Hated Seven Sins.

From the book: “I detest eggplant.” “I detest snow shoveling.” “I detest (fill in the blank).” Is there something you could insert in the blank that sets your teeth on edge? God is pure goodness. It’s hard to imagine God hates anything. Yet he detests seven things because they are harmful to us, his creations. The book of Proverbs names them: • haughty eyes • a lying tongue • hands that shed innocent blood • a heart that devises wicked plans • feet that rush into evil • a false witness who breathes out lies • a person who sows discord If you recognize any of these in yourself, welcome to the human race. Perhaps you can plead “guilty” to one or more of them. How discouraging! In fact, a person who follows Jesus Christ should feel not discouraged, but encouraged. Why? Because God, who gave us the free will to model The Hated Seven if we choose, has also given us the means to win over them. Inspired by a TV miniseries that portrays many of The Hated Seven, Vicki Jantzen’s thoughts traveled to Ephesians 6, which lists God’s spiritual armor that helps the believer conquer each one. Seven tools, one for each of The Hated Seven—seven ways to win one’s spiritual battles. Equipped to Win resulted from her study of these amazing parallels. Whether you are fighting a private battle or are in a group that needs to put on God’s armor together, Equipped to Win will show you how to press on toward victory over The Hated Seven.