WAKE UP NEW MEXICO – Child Killing in New Mexico – written by Laura Rosecrans


Wednesday, August 24, 2016, New Mexico woke up to yet ANOTHER tragedy involving a murdered child in the “Land of Enchantment”.

10 year old Victoria Marten was drugged, brutally raped, murdered and dismembered a day after she turned 10 years old by ex felons and drug addicts while her mother stood by and watched.

HORRIFIC! YES! Tragic – absolutely. Our hearts were broken the end of last week as we had to report the information here at The HUB of New Mexico Christian Radio Station. The shock and disbelief were excruciating and the pain and cries of grief from our listeners were felt loud and clear.

I will not diminish what happened to little Victoria – never ever…but let me ask you this – where is the pain and grief for the countless of live babies that are murdered every day and torn apart limb for limb while still ALIVE in their mother’s womb?

Where are the memorial services for THESE children that everyday die at the hands of Planned Parenthood in Albuquerque, UNM’s Abortion Clinic and Butcher Shop – Southwestern Women’s Options owned by Curtis Boyd?

Where are the cries of outrage when it becomes public that Paul Roth and Richard Larson – heads of UNM Health Science Center – knowingly gave human baby brains to be dissected at a summer camp just for fun?

Why is it a tragedy when a child is brutally murdered outside of the womb and yet when children in the womb are brutally murdered – “It’s all ok” and business as usual?

Where are the teddy bears, the flowers and the memorials that should be lining the outside of the abortion clinics in New Mexico EVERY SINGLE DAY for the babies that are dismembered on a daily basis and sometimes left to die on a table when born alive by botched abortions? Why are their lives less important just because they are still in the womb? We should be mourning the death of EVERY CHILD that dies daily in this state.

WAKE UP NEW MEXICO…I took the title for this post from my dear friend Darlene Martinez’s child abuse advocacy group.  The tragedies like the one that happened to Victoria and countless other babies and children in New Mexico will continue to happen. They will go on as long as we allow children to be torn to pieces in the womb and be experimented on by the University of New Mexico Health Science Center while we stand idly by as Chancellor Paul Roth, Vice Chancellor Richard Larson and the UNM Board of Regents allow this to continue.

We keep telling you, “IF LIFE DOESN’T MATTER IN THE WOMB WHY WILL IT MATTER OUTSIDE OF THE WOMB”! As long as we stand by with our fingers in our ears and our eyes closed and wishing that we don’t have to listen and read yet ANOTHER story emerging about UNM and abortion – we can go on with our lives and pretend nothing is happening.

WAKE UP NEW MEXICO! Wake up to the tragedy going on and the culture of death promoted by the abortion clinics in your own back yard – til the day of birth – no holds barred – no restrictions – no life.

Get educated New Mexico! Stop standing by as the world did in Nazi Germany. Go to New Mexico Alliance for Life and get informed and involved. Stop the killing and desecration of innocent lives in & out of the womb..

For the love of God! Wake up New Mexico.


(Thank you to my dear friend Tracey Silvia with Have a Heart Child Abuse Advocacy for sharing this video with us.)