What Are You Guys Preaching In Your Churches About Abortion? by Marcie M. May


“What are you guys preaching in your churches?”


I was outside of Planned Parenthood on Friday to pray and be available should anyone want to choose to not have an abortion. I did notice one of the “customers” seemed to be very young being taken by someone who was somewhat older than she was.

So I struck up a conversation with the “Escorts.” I asked him if he realized that he may be escorting young victims of statutory rape. “That doesn’t happen.” I told him that some of the Live Action videos from a couple years back actually showed PP workers “coaching” the couple posing as pimps on how to lie about their girls ages. “We don’t want to know…you can just tell them to say that they’re 14…” This is very consistent with testimonies that I’ve personally heard. I told him that I’d get him the info.

Later, he came out and brought me this piece of paper and said, “Why are you guys trying to shut us down when it says right here by a Prolife source that you guys are the biggest customers? What are you preaching in your churches that is telling them to come here?”
What he said is exactly what Guttmacher (PP’s abortion research group) stats say that exact same thing. The Church is PP’s biggest customer. One could argue that’s because it runs concurrent to the population percentages.

I ask, “Why are we even there? If the Church would just stop going to PP, we could shut them down.” But we are in there. Abby Johnson: ProWoman, ProChild, ProLife talked about how women come in holding their Bibles or praying the rosary during the procedure. This is a fact being confirmed by all sides. Carenet just put out a study this weekend also pointing this out.

One would say that the women of the Church aren’t “getting the memo” about abortion. But I think it is more accurate to say after observing all of these reports, that the memo isn’t going out.

What should “the Memo” say?
1) Abortion (using that word) is the taking of an Unborn Human Life.
2) It is wrong.
3) If you’ve had an abortion, there is forgiveness and healing in Jesus and that you are loved. If you still don’t see that it is wrong- regardless of the circumstances – we’re going to pray for you and love you.
4) If you’re pregnant, outside of marriage, there is forgiveness and healing in Jesus; you are loved and we will stand with you and help you in whatever manner we can. We will not judge you. We will support you and your baby to help you whether you keep the baby or choose to give the Baby up for adoption. We won’t make that decision for you.
5) If you find yourself pregnant inside of marriage, and the burden is much greater than you think you can bear, we will come along side of you. We won’t ask, “Don’t you know what causes that?” or “Don’t you think you have enough kids?” or “You’d better not be on welfare again.” We will be the Body of Christ to you and your family. (There are many mothers with other children who go into the clinics while their children wait in the lobby while they dispose of the youngest – a testimony from a friend.)

This is the sad truth about abortion, Church. The memo has not been sent. We are the abortion industry’s biggest demographic customer. We have been taught for so long that it is a woman’s choice, as if it’s a sacrament. It is not. We are blinded by our own sin. We are sated by our own selfishness. God, help us to see what is really going on, so that we may repent.

Why should the world stop using PP when we feel that it is our right to abort our own?
Hopefully soon, we will have the same epiphany as the monk who wrote, “Amazing Grace.” I once was blind, but now I see. We’ve got to see. Lord, lift the blinders off of Your Bride, in Jesus’ Name!