What Makes a Woman a TRUE Hero? by Laura Rosecrans


by: Laura Rosecrans

trophy-1412980What makes a woman a true hero? I have received some flak about my opinion about the whole Holly Holm issue of how I do not see her as a hero but as a poor example to women. How funny that my opinions on this would cause such a raucous while there are so many other more important things that the very same people who are upset about my words don’t even blink an eye at – like the lack of regard for life in our nation today.

Really? My opinion about Holly Holm has you in a tizzy when babies are being slaughtered up to the day of birth in New Mexico through abortion. Are you really going to get your underwear in a bundle because of my words about a couple of women kicking the snot out of each other? And the people getting upset at my views are fellow believers! What has our world come to?

Holly Holm, Rhonda Rousey, Danica Patrick, Hope Solo, Serena Williams and many others are considered heroes due to their incredible sports abilities…or is it really that? One only needs to do a quick google image search and what pops up are these “heroes” in various states of undress and in compromising positions – literally. You never hear the names of women in sports who are incredible athletes who don’t look good in a thong bikini very often – why? Well…because of that…they don’t look good in a thong bikini.

And of course behind every one of these “heroes” are MANY men who are more than happy to exploit them – the men that manage their careers to the men that buy the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and the ESPN Body Issues. Of course we know they only buy these because of the incredible “talents” of these athletes…

Rhonda Rousey, publicly announced that her loss to Holly Holm had left her feeling suicidal. Her exact alone-1431667statement was, “I was sitting in the corner and I was like, ‘What am I anymore if I’m not this?’ I was literally sitting there and like thinking about killing myself in that exact second. I’m like ‘I’m nothing,’ I’m like ‘What do I do anymore? And no one gives a s–t about me anymore without this. To be honest, I looked up and I saw my man Travis was standing there and I looked up at him and I was like I need to have his babies, I need to stay alive. Really that was it,” Rousey said.

Wow…then to make herself “feel” better Ms. Rousey went on to pose in the latest edition of Sports Illustrated nude in body paint. Hmmmm….I wonder if she really is feeling better? I am sure her manager is with the money he has received from this and of course her fans are also. But how is she really feeling?

Her statement proves my point. Women were NOT created to fight and beat each other senseless. I will stick to my statement and I don’t care who it upsets. God created us to nurture and love.

Yes, be strong. Yes, know how to defend yourself! You have to in today’s day and age but for women to continue on allowing themselves to be exploited for the sake of making a buck or two – is it worth it – for THEM?

10590649_10203555095669811_1917740511217225422_nLet me tell you who the TRUE young women heroes in New Mexico are…how about Elisa Martinez with New Mexico Alliance for Life who is going head on against the unholy alliance of Curtis Boyd selling baby body parts to the University of New Mexico Health Science Center.

How about Sade Patterson, president of UNM Students for Life and the other beautiful young women that are part of her team that just led a week called the REAL SEX WEEK to bring truth and life to the students of UNM. They exposed the lies that things like abortion and hormonal contraceptives and other sexual practices which groups on UNM condone are ok for women. They were brave enough to go against the darkness at UNM and stand up for the dignity of the students.1936478_1000326023394664_2397707567748404409_n

How about Jude Arguellas and Christina Marie Garza and many other beautiful women who stand outside Planned Parenthood and Southwestern Women’s Options as Sidewalk Advocates daily praying and lovingly reaching out to women going in for abortions and offering them life affirming options instead.

girlsThen there is Dominique Davis and all the beautiful young women at Women’s Pregnancy Options who work tirelessly to offer life and health to the many women who go in to see them with crisis pregnancies  and Samantha Serrano who is studying HARD daily to be a pro-life lawyer and started the UNM Students for Life to reach out to the young women at UNM.

How about Emily Sitdikova (Our Mommy & Me blog writer for the HUB of NM www.thehubnm.com) who put her12417635_10100907926594959_3593426585103157187_n career to the side for now to raise her precious children or other moms like Robin Willoughby Moses, Sade Patterson, Melanie Maestas and so many other young women who have continued going to school despite unplanned pregnancies and have risen above and beyond daily to fight for what they believe in and still be great mothers despite everyone around them telling them to abort. And we have brave women like Grace Butler who stood bravely at the UNM REAL Sex Week boldly proclaiming to the young women there the damages abortion had on her life and speaking the truth of her Savior!

1601511_696678120351613_608225243_nAnd of course there are my own 4 precious daughters who have thrived and flourished and have supported me and my fight for life! I love you my beautiful daughters and I am so proud of each and everyone of you! Sharayah, Elisha, Larissa, and Jena – everyday you are my heroes!

Of course there are SO many more young women I could have mentioned here!! These gorgeous young women are the REAL HEROES and guess what? They don’t even have to take off their clothes and exploit themselves for the public to prove it. They prove it EVERYDAY by their actions and by their bravery and their stand for life!

Where are the parades for them? Where are the celebratory gatherings where the Governor and Mayor bestow honor and glory to them?

There may not be much going on in this dark death cultured world to thank these incredibly strong and courageous women and true champions of life – but someday when they get to Heaven and Our God looks at them and tells them “Well done good and faithful servant” – they will get the greatest reward for the self-sacrificing lives they have led by being The TRUE Heroes for the Lord!