by Laura Rosecrans

This past week as Dan & I had lunch with a great and Godly friend and we were explaining our radio station to him – he could not get past our “business plan” of not charging ministries for money for promoting them and putting them on the air and helping to further their missions.


He kept INSISTING that that did not make good business


God gave us a mandate when we started The HUB of New Mexico Christian Internet Radio Station…this mandate is – NOT to charge ANY ministry anything for promoting their causes and for advertising their events. Our purpose is to SERVE New Mexico Ministries…not fleece them.


I understand to a businessperson – this is not good business and doesn’t make sense. But my question is…since when does God have to make sense? And does Him not making sense give us permission to disobey Him?


slingshot-1316439Did God make sense when He had a small-unarmed shepherd boy kill a warrior giant with one stone? Did He make sense when he had the Children of Israel march around Jericho 7 times and the walls came tumbling down? Did He make sense when He told Gideon to fight the enemy with 300 men?


We will continue to obey God’s business plan for The HUB of New Mexico of not charging ministries because when God doesn’t make sense – that is when HE DOES shine brightest!