By Pastor Paul Holt

As darkness rises across the globe, we must ask, why does God allow evil to rise? From murders to sexual assault to genocide, why does the Lord allow the rise of evil days?

The story of the exodus of Israel is the story of an evil empire that rose and declared itself the supreme power of planet earth with many false gods including the Pharaoh himself and his first-born son.

Each of the plagues were a direct attack on those gods and to challenge the notion that man is able to rule himself. From the plague of flies to the darkness that covered Egypt, God proved that He alone is God.

We are seeing the same thing today. Mankind is being given the freedom to prove that depravity leads to destruction. We give the devil too much credit for what we see happening today. When a man walks up to a police car and shoots the officer inside that is a person giving themselves over to serve evil not demon possession.

When a woman chooses to join the Islamic State to kill or help others kill that is a result of people rejecting the One true God who created everything in favor a satanic false god created by men and demons.

We fail to recognize that we live in a world of our own choosing, we choose to take bible reading out of American schools and then prayer. As a nation we allowed the reminders of God and His commandments be removed from the public square and capitol buildings.

And what took the place of God? Murder, sexual depravity and false religion taught in our schools and so much more. We told God to leave and so He has, to allow us to see the result of a world without His influence.

This is what is described in 2 Thessalonians when it says that He who restrains is removed. We have always been taught that this was a reference to the rapture but read that second chapter again and you may notice there was a choice made to reject the Lord and His ways and that is what allows the man of lawlessness to rise.

It is said that evil flourishes when good men do nothing but what happens when there are no more good men remaining to do anything about evil?

The Day of the Lord is ultimately about His confrontation of a world turned over to evil or lawlessness but where does that leave us until He returns for us? We, dear believer in Jesus, are to remain faithful until He comes. We are to be salt and light confronting the rotten darkness. We are to finish the race well even when are numbers are small, we are to be the Joshua and the Caleb, the Daniel and the John the Baptist, who will not waiver in our faith that we are more than conquerors when we declare that as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.